Aqua Children's Homes

Empowering Children with Special Needs

It is crucial to provide support and care for children with learning disabilities, autism, physical disabilities, and mental health needs in a world that values inclusion and equal opportunity. Aqua Childrens’ Homes is a pioneering organisation committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate assisted living services to children under the age of 21 who confront these obstacles. Aqua Childrens’ Homes seeks to empower and improve the lives of these exceptional individuals by combining specialised care, customised programmes, and a nurturing environment.


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Protective and Nurturing Environment:

Aqua Children’s Homes recognises the significance of providing special needs children with a nurturing and secure environment. Our residences are designed to be secure, accessible, and stimulating, nurturing a sense of belonging. In addition, our committed staff members provide around-the-clock care, ensuring that the physical and emotional well-being of each child is always a top priority.

Holistic Method of Care:

Aqua Childrens’ Homes takes a holistic approach to care, recognising that each child is unique and has particular requirements. Our team of expert carers, therapists, and educators collaborates to develop individualised care plans that incorporate physical, emotional, and cognitive health. By contemplating all aspects of a child’s development, Aqua Childrens’ Homes provides comprehensive assistance that fosters growth and autonomy.


Personal Care:

Assistance is provided with personal hygiene, dressing, and other self-care activities of daily living. Staff members are trained to respect each child’s privacy and dignity while providing the necessary assistance.

Education and School Support:

We collaborate with schools and educational institutions to ensure that students receive the appropriate educational assistance. This may involve assisting with assignments, providing additional instruction, or communicating with school personnel.

Emotional Support:

Our trained professionals provide emotional support and guidance to assist children in overcoming any challenges they may face. This includes lending an ear, providing counselling services, and assisting children in developing emotional resilience.

Recreational Activities:

We endeavour to create an environment that is positive and stimulating. We organise recreational activities, sports, pastimes, and excursions to encourage social interaction, skill development, and overall health.

Medical Support:

We ensure that minors have access to essential medical and healthcare services. This may include coordinating medical appointments, administering medications, and supporting the children’s particular healthcare requirements.

Life Skills:

We focus on equipping children with the essential life skills that will allow them to successfully transition into maturity. This may involve teaching budgeting, cooking, personal organisation, and decision-making skills.


We provide assistance with the transition to independent living as children approach maturity. This may include assisting them in securing housing, gaining access to educational or employment opportunities, and connecting them with the appropriate community support services.


At Aqua Childrens’ Homes, we prioritise each child’s needs, preferences, and rights .

We recognise that each child is unique and requires personalised care and support to thrive.

The following are key principles of person-centred support in children’s homes:

Our Referral Process

Step 1

Send an email or phone referral to the Aqua Childrens’ Homes referrals team.

Step 2

Our management team arranges and conducts an assessment.

Step 3

We provide feedback on whether or not our service can meet the individual’s requirements.

Step 4

We construct a care plan based on the assessment results.

Step 5

Upon confirmation of placement acceptance, if admission is agreed upon, the referring team will coordinate transition arrangements.